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Do You Know What A Funeral Director Does For You?

  • Professional Advice
  • Professional Service
  • Professional Accountability

Your funeral director is worthy of your trust!

Who do you turn to when faced with a situation of vital importance to your family? You turn to someone you can trust.

When a member of your family is in need of legal counsel, you seek advice from the most competent attorney available. When a member of your family is ill, you rely upon the best physician to provide skilled care. And, when there is a death in the family, you turn to the one in your community who can provide the very best care- your neighborhood funeral director.

For generations, your professional funeral director has been an invaluable resource to families in need.

There is a real value in choosing a licensed funeral director.
You'd never dream of selecting a surgeon based on fees. Nor would you "priceshop" for legal advice when your future depended on the outcome. "You get what you pay for" is true in the funeral profession as well. When you choose quality, you often get more than you paid for.

Buying caskets, vaults and urns from anyone besides a licensed funeral director is a perfect case in point. The price of products offered by casket stores, cemeteries or other sellers of funeral merchandise may or may not be less than what you can purchase from your funeral director. And unfortunately, because they may be of inferior quality, your funeral home cannot accept liability.

In addition, casket stores and other non-licensed retailers cannot provide those things which are truly priceless to families: advice from a licensed and experienced professional, valuable and varied services required for a funeral, peace of mind that comes from knowing a funeral home and its people will stand behind their products and services.


Funeral directors provide professional advice regarding a subject that is unfamiliar to many.
Families come to funeral directors with all kinds of questions.

How much does a funeral cost? Will the funeral home work with my church to coordinate the service? Will the funeral director also help me make cemetery arrangements? How do I explain death to my children? What are the differences in caskets? How can I make sure that I receive the government death benefits owed to me?

These are just a sampling of the many questions funeral directors hear day in and day out. Indeed, the number of details surrounding death and funerals is immense. Funeral directors take great pride in being a complete resource you can call upon at any time.



Funeral directors earn their expertise through education and experience.
By the time a funeral director is working with families, he or she has received years of education and training, including mortuary school and a lengthy apprenticeship. Your funeral director is also licensed by the state and maintains his or her professional status with continuing education in everything from technical skills to the psychology of grief.

Whether you contact your funeral director for preplanning or at the time of need, you can trust him or her to provide you with the information that will allow you to make choices that are right for you and your budget. You can pre plan and pre pay, allowing you to make important choices now.



Funeral directors provide professional service at a time when we are most in need of capable, compassionate support.

Funeral directors in Kentucky are uniquely qualified to attend to the many details which must be taken care of quickly when death occurs. The deceased must be transferred and prepared. A death certificate must be signed and paperwork filed to facilitate social security and insurance benefits. Details must be arranged with clergy. Obituaries, flowers, visitation, casket selection, gravesite preparation, instructions to the pallbearers, organization of the procession and much more.

Kentucky funeral directors also receive continuous training which allows them to excel at all the services you require. For more than a hundred years, the Kentucky Funeral Directors Association has helped funeral professionals stay current with an increasingly complex profession to better serve families.




Your funeral director is at your side to help you make the right choices.


One decision which clearly demonstrates the value of professional guidance and accountability is the selection of the casket and the vault.

Very few consumers are knowledgeable about caskets and vaults. However, during the arrangement process, most families are able to define their priorities, such as cost, protection, appearance, or specified services required.

Ask yourself, who do you want to guide you in your selection? Your funeral director is current with the latest product knowledge in caskets and vaults and can make recommendations about which products will best meet your expectations. Your funeral director recommends only quality products and assumes the proper liability for them. When making funeral arrangements, most families will benefit tremendously from the advice of their funeral director. After all, that is why they selected the funeral home in the first place.


You can always turn to your funeral director.
You should feel comfortable calling on your funeral director at any time to discuss preplanning, to ask for guidance when death occurs in the family, or to inquire about special programs and help available afterwards, including grief counseling.

When you call, check to see if the funeral home is a member of the Kentucky Funeral Directors Association. Membership ensures your loved one will receive the very best care from one of the state's finest professionals.



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